I know, I know this post is running late but I swear my To-Do list is endless and I really wish I had had the time to write it sooner. But you know how they say, better late than never. 😉 So here we go. As all of you may or may not know, a few days ago we celebrated the international women’s day which I think is a really cool thing to do. I, personally, am a huge supporter of anything girl power related which is why I thought it would be a good idea to share some words about the most inspiring women in my life with you.

First of all I of course have to list my mother here because, you know, I wouldn’t be able to write this text without her. Not only because she gave birth to me but also because she has been the one encouraging me to write since day one. I cannot think of anyone else in my life who had such a great impact on my writing and story telling experience, which now became my favorite hobby of all time. Another thing I adore her for is the way she handles life itself. With two kids including me, a daughter who has the stubbornness of her dad, she still manages to be an amazing travel agent, wife, best friend and my personal book editor. She inspires me everyday to be the best version of myself and teaches me how being a girl doesn’t mean you can’t stand on your own and handle shit yourself.

Next, there for sure has to be named my grandmother. If there is one woman in this world who knows how to run the game, it’s her. After endless wonderful conversations I am aware of the dark times she had to go through and the hurdles she had to take to get to the point where she is now. With bravery and the brightest smile I have ever seen she managed everything and I love to hear her stories and admire the way she looks at life. I will forever be grateful to have such an incredible lady in my family!

This may not come as a surprise but my sister from another mister, Antonia, has been one of my „brightest places“, how Jennifer Niven would call it, for two and a half years now and I cannot imagine life without her. She never fails making me and others smile, always has good advice on hand and the way she just is, who she is, without thinking about it makes her one of the strongest girls I’ve ever met. I know she does not think about this all the time but I hope she remembers now and then how just her being around makes me feel comfortable, safe and totally at ease. Sometimes being down to earth means inspiring others more than you can imagine!

For sure I cannot forget Julia, my biggest supporter since I was fourteen and started this blog. This girl inspires and encourages me to push through everything and to stay true to myself, no matter what. Always honest, funny and happy, she is the mirror that helps me to see how my words, videos, and stories have an impact on others and how my love for my work reflects. I am so proud to see how she grows into her own skin and dances through life with a smile on her lips.

Have you read my short story yet? I hope you have because then you’ll know who comes next. Of course, Louise, my sunshine girl. (I’ve never really called her that but I think it fits well with her personality. 😀 ) I wish I could remember the day we met more clearly because I’m sure it would be the funniest memory. She talking Dutch, me talking German, me not understanding a word she says. Still we managed to build the strongest form of friendship I ever experienced and I was able to get to know all of these incredible sides of her. She’s sweet and kind, always honest and ambitious in every way. She does what she wants and still has the ability to help when others struggle. And she’s brave, so brave! Moving from the Netherlands to Germany, then back to the Netherlands she managed to learn a new language, to get to know a totally different life and to still let her inner sunshine light not only my world.

When it comes to strong women and girl power there is one I immediately think of even though I’ve never mentioned her on my blog before. It’s Lea, my classmate who has no idea how her being around makes everyday a thousand times better. I’ve never met any girl before who is as strong, confident, funny and inspiring as her. She seems to enjoy life so much more than anyone else, always laughing and calming me down. Still she recognizes everyones problems, worries and struggles and cares so much! To fit in a quote from my favorite author I would totally say Lea is a girl who reminds me of what the world ought to be, what the world can be. A peaceful place where we care about each other, support each other and are thankful of the life we’ve been given. I may have never told her that but she truly makes me wanna be a better person.

Last but not least I will include my favorite authors and fictional characters because strong women don’t have to be alive to have an impact on your life. Cassandra Clare, you might have heard from her, is the author who got me back into reading and made me realize how books, stories and writing has always been the home I searched for. I am incredibly grateful for the fantasy world she created and the kickass female characters who came with it. Clary Fray, Isabelle Lightwood and so much more are the role models our girls need to be successful and confident in life.

Not only her but also Jennifer Niven has a talent for writing I can’t even describe. All The Bright Places as well as Holding Up The Universe touched my heart in a way no other book ever did. Violet and Libby are real, transparent and inspiring characters, who truly changed the way I look at life. They make things matter, they show that we’re not alone, they teach girls that they are wanted, necessary and loved.

I am very sure you’ve been waiting for this… you have, don’t you lie to me! 😀 So here she is, my queen of badass female protagonists, Sarah J. Maas! If you ever feel like being a girl is not awesome then go ahead and read Throne Of Glass because after that you, I promise, will be thanking god for making you one. Celeana Sardothien (Aelin later in the series) is a warrior, an assasin and the sassiest fictional character I know. Her kingdom fears her, the boys run after her and Celeana… yeah she wants what all girls want… heavy chocolate cake! Sarah J. Maas has the talent to create a hero who is absolutely transparent, three dimensional and real, I have no words for the work she does and the way I appreciate her. These books are beyond entertaining, relatable, gripping and filled with girl power to the full extent. I adore this series more than I am able to say!

I hope you enjoyed this post and start thinking about the way women and girls around you have changed your life and help you to be confident, strong and successful. Maybe it is time to finally speak up, compliment them and tell them how thankful we are for their support. Because as we all know… girls run the world! 😀